Almost two months ago, I discussed a couple of new books I was interested in about living and eating healthy, both published by two Canadian bloggers. Since then I purchased one myself and received the other as a gift, and have read the entirety of "Joyous Health: Eat and Live Well without Dieting" by holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy.

Even though there are hundreds of cook books out there that focus on eating well and hundreds of other books that discuss the importance of a balanced and colour-rich diet, I have yet to stumble upon one that meshes the two together so perfectly.
In the first half of her book, Joy writes about food in an informative, memorable and eye opening way. She sets out six habits you can adopt that will not only change what you are consuming on a daily basis, but how you are feeling. I've honestly never learnt so much about food and certain food's benefits - from what you should eat (and avoid) to help improve your digestion to the hype about superfoods. She helps to clarify food myths you've been told since childhood, and makes you think about calories, fat and sugar in a whole new way.

Even though I've only tried a couple of the dozens of recipes found in the second half of her book, by remembering Joy's tips and engaging in what she calls 'mindful eating' I find myself having more protein, more greens, and less of anything 'white' at each meal.

I cannot say enough positive things about this book. Joy's advice and guidance has already helped to impact my diet for the better and I can confidently say that her lessons will stay with me for years to come. And if I ever forget, I can always reference the book (which is filled with post-it notes and sticky tabs) again and again.

Pictures c/o of joyoushealth.ca



To congratulate myself for graduating from university with honours, this week I decided to purchase a Nikon D3200. For those of you who aren't familiar with cameras, this Nikon is a digital SLR, a big step up from the digital point and shoots that I am used to.

When I went to Italy, England and NYC last summer, I was frustrated with the composition of my photos. I had an almost new Nikon Coolpix that I was told would be comparable to the DSLRs I was longing after. Sadly, I didn't speak with a camera expert and it became clear that my money had been wasted. The pictures taken by other bloggers on their travels were far better: the colours were bright, the focus was spot on, and they had depth. While I did take some great photos, not until I compared mine to those taken with a DSLR did I see how flat and dull some of my images were. That's when I started to understand the importance of having a good camera.
I finally decided to bite the bullet and visit a photography store. They strongly urged that I pick up the Nikon D3200 stating it was a great camera for newbies who are beginning to get into photography. I was sold. I then managed to find an amazing user guide online by Fro Knows Photo. He runs you through all the buttons and menu options so you can really set up the camera to your liking and become more familiar with all of the functions.
Even though I've only briefly tested it out, I am more than excited to start using this camera and for the content I can produce with it. Once I have used it more, I will put together a review, keeping in mind I am no expert! 



Doesn't time seem to go by quickly when you have an upcoming trip or party to look forward to? These are what my uncle has called 'event horizons': a planned 'something' in the near future that you are excited for. He has shared that one should always have an event horizon, regardless of its magnitude or importance.

After he expressed this notion to me, I started to input all upcoming events or get-togethers in my iPhone calendar: from a hair appointment to coffee with a close friend to a new yoga class I've been meaning to try. Now I've adopted the same mindset as my uncle and believe that everyone should define their own event horizons.

Life's always more fun when you have something exciting planned.



Last night, Kate Beckinsale attended the opening of Shakespeare's Macbeth in NYC and looked stunning, as per usual. I'm particularly taking note of her gorgeous loose updo. 
Can you believe that she's 40?



Politics [pol-i-tiks] noun: something that most youth still struggle to find interest in.

Not until this past year has my interest in political issues considerably grown. I've always had a basic knowledge of key political players in Canada and the United States, yet have never had enough information to form an opinion that I could back up. But with two upcoming elections, I figured it was time that I do some Internet searching and rent out a few library books. Let me tell you, I was surprised. I didn't realize just how juicy politics can be. Really - if you are ever bored - just Google away and I'm sure you'll be stunned at what goes on if you are not one to pay attention.

So why do most youth chose to not inform themselves? Is it because reading about Kim and Kanye is more fun? Believe me ,at the beginning of high school I would rather read a gossip magazine then a non-fiction book so I too have been there. But once you are exposed to the dirty side of politics, the side that is often exploited in the news and witnessed during debates, your interest (like my own) may just begin to grow.

Now why not do yourself a favour and try to become informed? It doesn't mean you have to stick your nose in a 400 page novel - start with BuzzFeed politics, check out the Young Turks on YouTube, and go from there. Then when the next election arrives, you'll feel confident in whatever decision you make at the ballot box. I mean, if anything, you'll impress your parents, right?



Even without a jaw dropping gown, Amber Heard looked effortlessly beautiful at Cannes Film Festival yesterday.  I love her statement earrings with that messy one sided braid.